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Schiavetti, Corgan, DiEdwards, Weinberg & Nicholson, LLP has maintained a longstanding tradition of successfully defending health care providers and medical institutions since its founding over thirty years ago. With two fully-staffed offices and over thirty attorneys, we are well armed to provide personalized service in both State and Federal courts throughout New York and New Jersey. Our partners are seasoned, experienced trial and appellate attorneys who have defended the most demanding cases against the most formidable opponents with consistently excellent results. We have also maintained office branches in Long Island, and New Jersey for several years. We continue to maintain a team that handles our New Jersey accounts, headed by one of our senior partners.

Schiavetti, Corgan, DiEdwards, Weinberg & Nicholson, LLP provides services to its clients in a most cost-effective manner by relying upon its years of experience and expertise in the field of medical malpractice defense. We are acutely aware that every dollar spent on verdicts, settlements or legal fees is a dollar not available for patient care, and view ourselves as part of the team committed to promoting quality health care by providing the best and most cost-effective representation of our clients. We have expert trial attorneys who consistently win cases in the most difficult venues as well as talented attorneys pursuing all avenues to evaluate and resolve matters at the earliest possible juncture. We utilize the latest technology and have adept support personnel assuring that our time is economically spent advancing the client’s defense. Naturally, our attorneys are familiar with the local courts and judges and capable of handling several calendar matters simultaneously, avoiding duplication of travel costs and multiple appearances.

Our trial attorneys are truly talented litigators and experts in the trial of complex medical malpractice matters including hypoxic ischemic brain injury, Erb’s Palsy, paralysis and wrongful death. Our appellate attorneys are highly skilled writers and researchers who handle not only appeals but also trial applications, post-trial motions and complex motion practice. Every one of our files is carefully analyzed to assess its potential for procedural or legal dismissal, so that our clients are effectively counseled regarding their options at the earliest possible stage. We have consistently delivered favorable outcomes to our clients in the form of defense verdicts, summary dismissal upheld on appeal and favorable settlements.

Our partners provide 24-hour on call legal assistance to hospital administrators and risk management departments and have been called and have responded promptly to numerous emergent matters requiring immediate legal input. We have provided counsel in numerous Office of Professional Medical Conduct and regulatory matters and have also conducted investigations and provided assistance to various hospitals and health care institutions responding to Department of Health Statements of Deficiencies. Our firm includes skilled attorneys experienced in responding to “sentinel events” with detailed staff briefings and comprehensive, confidential analyses. These early investigations enable the client to identify “root cause” factors in the hopes of reducing the risk of such events occurring in the future.

In addition to successfully counseling and defending ongoing matters, we have also played a seminal role in trying to educate hospital personnel with an eye toward reducing the number of future lawsuits or regulatory investigations. In connection with our representation of our clients, we have conducted numerous “in-service” lectures and mock trials. Our partners meet and consult with our risk managers on a frequent basis to discuss issues which should be the focus of future in-service presentations or seminars thereby identifying those areas of practice which are most problematic to defend, and where, with improvement, litigation can be limited or more successfully defended.

By employing our two-pronged approach – vigorously defending cases once they are brought, and trying to educate personnel to avoid future litigation – Schiavetti, Corgan, DiEdwards, Weinberg & Nicholson, LLP helps reduce the cost of litigation to our clients. Our reputation for mounting a strong defense and our willingness to litigate defensible claims forcing plaintiffs’ attorneys to prove their cases has no doubt helped discourage frivolous lawsuits against our clients. We also believe our education of key personnel has helped to reduce the type of avoidable mistakes which foster litigation. Our mission is to support our clients in their delivery of health care by expertise, avoidance of duplicative efforts and the willingness and skill to staunchly defend and try our cases to verdict.

Firm Qualifications

Schiavetti, Corgan, DiEdwards, Weinberg & Nicholson, LLP is an “av” rated litigation firm primarily engaged in medical malpractice and general tort defense, combining all of the advantages of a large firm’s support structure with a small firm’s personal service. With two fully-staffed offices in Manhattan and White Plains, and a third location in Garden City, its 12 partners and 17 associates are strategically located to provide professional and personalized service throughout and beyond the Greater New York metropolitan area.

The firm’s extensive experience has earned it a well-deserved reputation for quality service combined with cost-containment in all aspects of its practice.

Schiavetti, Corgan, DiEdwards, Weinberg & Nicholson, LLP offers experience, quality representation and old-fashioned attention to detail to a wide range of distinguished clients.

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New York Office



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John E. Barous Partner 212-541-9100 Ext. 0470
Eric R. Mishara Partner 212-541-9100 Ext. 0471
Richard W. Nicholson Partner 212-541-9100 Ext. 0472
Samantha E. Quinn Partner 212-541-9100 Ext. 0473
Angela M. Ribaudo Partner 212-541-9100 Ext. 0474
Karen P. Ryan Partner 212-541-9100 Ext. 0475
David W. Sisskind Partner 212-541-9100 Ext. 0476
Adam V. Acuff Associate 212-541-9100 Ext. 0456
Stephanie J. Campbell Associate 212-541-9100 Ext. 0457
Joseph Dugan Associate 212-541-9100 Ext. 0460
John P. Kelly Associate 212-541-9100 Ext. 0458
Evan J. Lyman Associate 212-541-9100 Ext. 0463
Robert S. Mancher Associate 212-541-9100 Ext. 0464
Edward R. Nicholson Associate 212-541-9100 Ext. 0465
Suhlail C. Villa Associate 212-541-9100 Ext. 0466
Thomas K. Wittig Associate 212-541-9100 Ext. 0467
Laura Yenchman Associate 212-541-9100 Ext. 0468
Serge Zenin Associate 212-541-9100 Ext. 0469
Melie Botti Office Manager 212-541-9100 Ext. 0446
Michael Lanzi Legal Assistant 212-541-9100 Ext. 0451
Linda Maltaghati Secretary 212-541-9100 Ext. 0453
Erik Micallef Human Resources 212-541-9100 Ext. 0448
Timothy Quinn Information Technology Director 212-541-9100 Ext. 0449
 Pat Trimarchi Billing Clerk 212-541-9100 Ext. 0454

White Plains Office



Phone Number


Maureen M. Arciero Partner 914-946-0400 Ext. 4232
Kenneth J. Burford Partner 914-946-0400 Ext. 4233
John J. Corgan Partner 914-946-0400 Ext. 4234
Terence E. Dempsey Partner 914-946-0400 Ext. 4235
Gerald D. DiEdwards Partner 914-946-0400 Ext. 4236
Carl D. Weinberg Partner 914-946-0400 Ext. 4237
Dena Berke Associate 914-946-0400 Ext. 4238
Christina Brescia Associate 914-946-0400 Ext. 4248
McCallion L. Campbell Associate 914-946-0400 Ext. 4241
Tara DiLuca Associate 914-946-0400 Ext. 4239
Pamela Bradley Office Manager 914-946-0400 Ext. 4225
Dan Culwell Billing Clerk 914-946-0400 Ext. 4229
Fluter Gjonbalaj Secretary/Receptionist 914-946-0400 Ext. 4223
Eileen Varrone Paralegal 914-946-0400 Ext. 4227
Maria Varrone Paralegal 914-946-0400 Ext. 4228
Fonta Washington File Clerk 914-946-0400 Ext. 4230


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New York Office

575 Eighth Avenue,

14th Floor

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White Plains Office

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Phone: (914) 946-0400

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